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Saving the Children….One Chicken at a Time

If you have read The Takedown’s newest post this week, this post may seem a little repetitive to you. In fact, if I were lazy enough, I’d just direct you to The Takedown’s post and say ditto. It would suffice. Unfortunately, it’s never enough to say ditto for me.

 I, too, received an e-mail from someone I believe to be Chicken Liver, the owner of Poop on Peeps.  It’s being alleged that my publishing copies of her previous diaries, and her personal information, has resulted in threatening phone calls and comments to her and her family. Apparently, she’s received  e-mails and comments saying I am distributing copies of her copyrighted works. And she would like me to stop immediately. Or she’ll have no option other than to prosecute me.


No, really, WTF?

Um, OK. Where do I start? Chicken Liver’s private diaries were never published on this site. I wasted plenty of time I’ll never get back  reading said diaries, but  never published them here. Nor did I ever publish her phone number. Or e-mail address.  Or home address.  

I don’t believe for a second that any harassing e-mails Chicken Liver is receiving, if, in fact, there are any whatsoever, are because of this blog.  I don’t believe I’ve broken any laws, and I have no fear of legal threats, but the one mention of Chicken Liver’s/Shellybean’s/JetPass’s proper name has been removed from this site.  Any future comment that reference her real name, or address, will not be published. This does NOT mean that Chick, and her minions, can’t be discussed here. A full on bitch session is always welcome here.

This e-mail, though, is simply further proof, to me, of the raging ball of hypocrisy that is Chicken Liver. Chick must have known that both Lilith and myself would write about receiving this e-mail. She gets to inform her  ass kissing Chicklets that she’s been harassed and threatened because of us, without ever having to say so on her own blog. She gets to paint a picture of a rabid anti-Chick brigade, foaming at the mouth, waiting to pounce on her, while still being able to distance herself from the reality that she herself is responsible for the way people view her.

As Lilith referenced on her site, Chick’s raison d’etre is to save those poor, helpless children who are put at risk through their mommyblogger mommy’s quest for internet fame.  Bloggers who are so addicted to the virtual ass kissing from their sycophantic minions they will ignore the warnings and continue to put their child at risk. Hmmm. Wait, that sounds a little familiar. Actually, doesn’t it sound like Chick? I’ll be gosh darned if it doesn’t sound just like her. An attention seeking blogger, reportedly receiving threats to herself and her family, but unwilling to take the necessary steps to protect her family, like, oh, I don’t know. Maybe like removing the vicious hate blog that is likely the cause of any threats she may possibly have received????

It’s interesting, really, that mere days after it became public that someone had copies of the old blog she thought was gone, WHAM! here come the legal threats. She must be terrified too many people will get to read her words, and judge her as harshly as she judges others.

Karma really is a bitch.


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